Discover g-spot orgasms with prostate massagers
Male G-Spot Orgasms And Prostate Massagers: A Guide

The Art of Prostate Massage Milking

June 25th, 2010Posted by admin

Aside from the intense pleasure that can be had from prostate massage milking, there are some health benefits as well. It’s actually possible for the prostate to build up an excess of fluid that can be harmful to you if it isn’t release. One simple way to relieve this pressure is to give yourself a prostate massage. Milking the prostate, in other words. If you want to perform a full prostate massage milking, you probably want to focus just on the prostate and not stimulate your penis. This is because the prostate massage milking can actually lead to orgasm, but if you orgasm early from stimulating your penis then you won’t follow through with a full prostate massage milking.

So to perform the prostate massage milking you can use a toy or you can use your finger. You may want to stick to just your finger because you want to be very gentle when doing the prostate massage. This is something that you’ll probably want to do while sitting or laying comfortably on a bed. A lot of people use medical gloves to perform a prostate massage – this isn’t strictly necessary, but you’ll want to at least make sure that you’re clean down there before starting.

As usual, you’ll want to use a little lube to help get yourself started. Then you’ll insert your finger and start to move your way up toward the prostate. Pretend as if you’re trying to get at your belly button through your anus, and you’ll run right into it. It is ball shaped, and you should be able to identify easily once you hit it. Then, just gently and continuously rub it. After a little while of working at it, you’ll actually have a “prostate orgasm” and release some of the fluid in your prostate just as if you were actually ejaculating.